creeping PROJECT

I started my adventure with boa constrictors in 2004. I then acquired a little male. Over time, the delight of him turned into a passion, which brought more specimens. Success, which was the reproduction of snakes, meant that I shared the apartment with 27 individuals one day. It was a great time learning about their biology and behavior. After 10 years, the time has come when I realized that their natural environment is not the terrarium. I sold all the boas and made my dream come true to visit their real home - Amazon Rainforest.

In the meantime, gaining knowledge about snakes and experience in dealing with constrictors, I had the pleasure of creating a lot of material for people who are at the beginning of such an adventure. The website, although not updated anymore, is still helpful to this day. I have had the satisfaction of interacting with all of the snakes you will see below.
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